Thursday, January 1, 2009

What a great day!

Well, Trey and I managed to sleep in today, apparently we were a lot more tired than we thought. We had gone over to the NICU last night at 1150. We wanted to bring in the new year with our little boy.

Before we left I kind of picked him up to put on his hat and he tucked his little hand under his chin like "Aw, this is right where I want to be". I told Trey we had to get a picture, even though it was dark and we had to use the flash (we haven't been doing that because it scares him). So here he is in his longhorn beanie. It looks so cute on him.

So when we got up this morning, before we could get back over to see Cannon, the NICU neonatologist called into my room to give us an update. Dr. Roberts, the neurosurgeon and just made rounds on him. He said that Cannon was doing great and his incision looks well. As of right now his head is stable and there doesn't appear to be any fluid, his soft spot is not bulging. They will continue to monitor that and the circumference of his head. We are still praying for the 15% that do not need a shunt. They are also continuing to in and out cath him periodically. He hasn't been having to much "residual" left in his bladder, however there have been a few time where there was a little more. We may have to continue doing this after we take him home. But the ultrasound of his kidneys look normal, which is good. We will continue to pray for all his little body systems, that they will work the way God intended for them all to do.

The doctor also said they would begin feeding him today. So they put a new feeding tube in, this one is smaller than the first one.

He was able to tolerate the little bit that I had pumped up until today. And was also given some formula to supplement. They will do this until I'm able to get enough to fill his tummy. When I was in to see him tonight the nurse tried to pull back on his tube to see if he had anything left in his tummy before giving another feeding. He had nothing in there...which means he is digesting everything that went in. This is great news. They say that a lot of times little boys have a harder time tolerating feedings, so far Cannon is proving to be quite the little fighter.


Here's another shot of him, I know it's basically the same picture, but I'm just so proud of him and he's too cute not to show off.


Leah J. said...

Oh my goodness! That precious face! Ali, he is just darling! It sounds like he is doing great! How are YOU doing? I am constantly thinking of and praying for you guys.
P.S. Don't get discouraged on the pumping - more will come in. I am convinced milk is slower to come in after a C-section (plus, he was early). It took mine a while.

Jeannie said...

Thanks for all the pictures and the good news on Cannon. We will continue to pray for the best results for little Cannon. I am at my sister's house so the comment may show her name...I don't know!

Jeannie Herman

Chris and Michelle said...

He is absolutely precious! What a sweet face! Praise God that everything is going so well! We will pray for this to continue. Chloe was born at 36 weeks and weighed just 3 ounces less than Cannon! Cherish every second...time really does fly! Congrats!

MamaB and PapaB said...

Ali and Trey,
I can't stop looking at these adorable pictures! What an angel! It's cute how you can see each of you in his features! Can't wait to meet him in person. Remember it is important to take care of yourselves also! We are praying for all of you. Love the proud Grandmama and Aunt pictures.
You are in our thoughts and prayers. MamaB and PapaB