Sunday, February 22, 2009


Trey, Ali, and Cannon are home! Actually, they have been there for a couple of weeks, but have been having problems with the computer/internet. Everyone is doing great! Cannon had a couple of follow-up appointments this past Friday and all was well. Ali will post as soon as she can...get ready for LOTS of pictures of sweet baby Cannon!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Almost there!!

Surgery went great yesterday...we now have a new shunt and they did his circumcision while he was under anesthesia. The night recovering was a little rough. Cannon had another breathing spell, actually two, where he quit breathing momentarily. I don't know why he does this, neither does anyone else. My suspicion is that his throat was irritated from being intubated. He did this before when he came back from surgery for his central line. Last night he did not want me to put him down, wouldn't lay in his bed. So we slept in the chair all night on my chest. It was a long night for Mommy,but we made it through. Today has been about resting and recovering. He has slept a lot, but has began eating better and better each feeding time. We are counting down the hours. He was supposed to get 48 hours of antibiotics after surgery before we can go home. Our afternoon antibiotic tomorrow will be 48 hours. So...we are very close to home!!!! We didn't see Dr. Roberts today so hopefully we will see him early in the morning and he will give us the all clear.
Thanks again for all your continued thoughts and prayers. They have carried us through this stressful and tiresome time. We love you all, and look forward to getting to see everyone once we get out of the hospital and settle into everyday life.
Trey, Ali, & Cannon

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Preparing for surgery # 5

We are scheduled for surgery at 7:30 in the morning. I have a feeling it will be a long night. Cannon will not have to stop eating until 3 am so that will help, but they will have to do neuro checks about every hour to make sure there are no complications from clamping off his external shunt. (meaning...his shunt is draining the spinal fluid on the outside of his body, into a bag. At midnight they will clamp that off. I'm not 100% sure why, but I'm thinking you would want some fluid in the ventricles of the brain when you go in to put the new shunt. This could possibly cause problems if too much fluid accumulates.) We are praying for no problems. So we will get a new shunt in the morning and come back without a bag, one less tube!! One step closer to home. The only thing left will be his central line, and he only gets hooked up to that every eight hours for about an hour. That will make us feel much more normal. Then we only have to have 48 hours more of antibiotics before we go home. YEA!!! I will do my best to update tomorrow with news on how surgery goes.

Now for some pictures...

These are more of our one month pictures.

After about the second one he just wasn't having it anymore...

We had to have a snack between shots...

Then he pooped in his outfit so he got a wardrobe change.

Pictures from today. Just chillin'

Grandaddy bought me a Tow Mater and he was getting ready to pull me out by my central line. :)

I am ready for the super bowl with my football clothes.

Daddy, Mater, Mommy, and Cannon

I just think this is so sweet!