Friday, January 2, 2009

Early morning visit

After my early morning pumping, I convinced Trey to get out of bed so that we could go see Cannon before the NICU closed for shift change. When we got there he was wide awake. So we had a really good visit. He just kept cutting his eyes back and forth between Trey and I.
They nurse said that he has started getting fussy when it's time for his feeds. Which means that he is recognizing that he is hungry. He is also digesting everything that's going into his feeding tube. He is now taking a little over an ounce with each feed, 35cc. This amount is enough intake for him to be off of his IV fluids.
When we were there the nurse was getting ready to change his linens and asked if one of us would like to pick him up, or she could get another nurse to help her. OF COURSE I SAID I WOULD DO IT!!!! So I got to "hold him" for the first time. If you can call it that, I held him up above his bed while the nurse changed the linens.

My doctor came in this morning and wrote orders for me to be discharged. So Trey and I will move over to the Ronald McDonald House this afternoon. And Momma and Teri were over spending time with Cannon and called over to my room to say that my pillow is waiting for me over in my chair next to Cannon's bed. Which means I need to get my pumping done so I can go hold my baby boy!!

Until later...

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