Friday, September 19, 2008

Last Thursday we met with the pediatric neurosurgeon at Cook's Childrens. Trey and I really liked Dr. Honeycutt, he was very knowledgable and personable. He basically said that we have to wait until Cannon is born to find out the severity. That was kind of discouraging, but nothing we didn't know. No two babies are the same, even if their lesion is in the same place and the same size, they are all unique and the severity can differ. I understand that in that position you would have to be careful what you tell the parents. You wouldn't want to say "oh your child will be this way" then they are born and you find that they aren't as well off. So that makes sense. Trey and I are just trying to remain positive and continue to pray that God heals him before he's born.

Our secondary prayer request is now that things work out for our "home" hunting. We aren't really sure what we are looking for or where we will end up. But it has become very stressful. Please keep that in your prayers.

And lastly...I finally took a picture of me getting bigger...Some days I feel big and some days I don't. I have really been enjoying feeling Cannon swimming around in my belly. I can't wait to meet him!!!

And here's just one of me and Trey!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cute little feet!

We had an appointment with Dr. Mayberry this morning and got to see Cannon. He's growing so fast. He is about 1 lb 14 oz, and 10-11 inches long. I just loved getting to see him again. His feet look so much bigger than the ultrasound at 12 weeks when we got a picture of the soles of his feet. Still no sign of clubbing. (Great news!!) We could see a clearer picture of his spine. There is a space approximately 1 1/2 cm on his spine, this is the lesion or opening. He still saying lumbar-sacral level. Which is good. I am assuming that they expect the lesion to grow as Cannon does, but the way I look at it...1 1/2 cm is a small whole for God to close in the next 4 months. Which is what we are continuing to pray for. We are getting ready to head to Ft. Worth tonight and will meet with the neurosurgeon in the morning. We should be able to find out more of what to expect after birth. So I better get off here so I can get ready. I'll update with tomorrows new later!