Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last night after we had come out of the NICU, when they closed for shift change, Cannon's nurse called me on my cell phone to tell me that they had moved him to the progressive unit. This means we are one step closer to home. We aren't sure how much longer, but the NICU doctor has talked to us about going to the rooming in section soon. We would stay in a room over night with Cannon just to make sure we are ready. We are still waiting on Dr. Roberts to sign off, or to tell us what his plan is for us. We are definitely excited to take him home, but we want to make sure he is ready before we make our way back to Clyde. We are hesitant to be so far from the medical care that we have had here at Cook. We have been blessed greatly!
Cannon is doing very well. He is eating good, we got to start nursing for all feeds today. When I'm not here he'll get a bottle of breast milk. Which he has not been doing that well with until this morning. The nurse said that he sucked down his 70cc in 20 minutes! I'm so proud!!
I think that is about all that we have share today. Once again thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us. Also to those of you who have helped us in other ways, your gracious giving has been greatly appreciated. We can never say thank you enough to EVERYONE. Cannon is one LOVED little boy, even by many who may never get to personally meet him. We are truly blessed to have been and continue to be covered with so many prayers, love, and support.
May God bless you all,
Trey & Ali


Sarah Megan said...


...and call me when you do :)

amy said...

sooo close! yay! Rooming in is the best-- it's so comforting and reassuring. We really felt better taking Reese (our first one to come home) home after rooming in and having the nurses right there the first night with her. Oh- you'll just LOVE having that sweet boy at home!