Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sportin' burnt orange! And lovin' it!

Like I said BORN A HORN!

And I have to say that pointing your index finger doesn't necessarily mean "I have my guns up".

Sorry Vesti, but he's a Horn!


Jodi said...

HOOK 'EM! And YAY for going home!!! :) Answered prayers all over the place... love it... :)

Andrea said...

First let me say how happy I am for y'all. I am glad we are in the home stretch, Cannon looks great!!!! Second, y'all sound like my family. My mom & dad work at Tech and brother is a longhorn fan, in fact, he made his girlfriend change her shirt because it was a raider's shirt. Anyways, I bet y'all cant wait to get home & we are still prayin' for ya.

Leah J. said...

PRECIOUS baby boy!!!

Sarah Megan said...

that orange is sick nasty

but he is cute

Alisa said...

Love all the pictures, what a precious boy!