Friday, July 31, 2009

Catching up a bit

On the 25th we had a family reunion with all of Memaw's (Trey's grandmother) family. I didn't get many pictures but here is my favorite one. Seems like I got most of my pics long ways, and I can't turn them to get them on the blog. This is 4 generations of Breedings. 3 James Breedings and Cannon.

Grandmomma and Cannon.

So happy, and he's doing tummy time. These two don't go hand in hand for very

long periods of time.

Just swinging! He loves being outside.

My cousin Karen came up this weekend with Kyler, Kaden, and Kassi. Here are the kids at the zoo Friday morning. We had a great time! And this was Cannon's first time to the zoo. He did really good.

We really enjoyed the giraffes.

First time eating a pickle, he loved it!!

Happy 4 year anniversary Mommy and Daddy, and Happy 7 months Cannon!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cannon is doing much better eating. He especially loves bananas! I finally figured out how to get my videos on the computer, so here you go. This is him eating his nanners a few days ago.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another A+ from the Doctor

Yesterday we went to see Dr. McGlothlin, the neurologist. This was just a check up to see how things were going with Cannon's spina bifida. He was impressed that Cannon was moving his legs and especially his feet. He was a little worried about his right eye and asked me if he had "some big medical term" (I didn't know what he was talking about other than it has a tendency to turn in a little bit). We have noticed it more in pictures. But when he shined the light in them he said he wasn't really sure. So he gave us the name for a pediatric opthamologist. Here is Granmomma and Cannon waiting for Dr. McGlothlin.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we went to visit our favorite nurses in the NICU.
Mom, Lanna, Cannon, & Jessica and baby Ellie.

And Carla, the physical therapist.

Granmomma and Aunt Teri came back home with us. Tonight we set up the swing in the back yard and enjoyed a breezy West Texas evening. Cannon has a new swing too, but we haven't gotten it hung up. Hopefully in the next couple of days. He really enjoyed swinging with us, and finally drifted off for a little nap.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just hangin' around the house

I can't believe my baby is almost 7 months!! Where has the time gone?

Look at that precious smile!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The start of a great friendship

Cannon meeting Haelyn~ so sweet!

Neither of them were happy about getting their picture made.

Best Friends!!

Update on Dr. visits from today:
I went to the rheumatologist this morning and he said that I'm okay! He says I don't have the clotting disorder. There was one more lab he wanted drawn today, and said if it was positive then I need to take a baby aspirin everday. If it's negative, then I don't need to do anything. I've been taking an aspirin since I first had my stroke/migraine episode over a year ago. So we started the morning with great news.
We then went over to meet our precious little Haelyn. She's adorable, and I look forward to her and Cannon having play dates.
And this afternoon we went back and had Cannon's ears rechecked. If you remember the last time he had this done it showed moderate hearing loss in the left ear, and that both ears were having auditory nerve problems. They had said they weren't firing right all the time. SOOOOO...
Today he passed with flying colors! The test showed no hearing problems at all. He could hear all the decibels, and they even all the different pitches and his nerves showed that he could hear it. Definitely GREAT news!!!! It's been a great week of appointments. Lots of good check ups.

Now for my requests from all you who may have some experience. We have been working on cereal and baby food for a little over 2 months now. And Cannon isn't doing that well. I don't know what else to do. I dont want to feed him in an infant feeder because I want him to learn to eat with a spoon. He just doesn't like it, and he cries. For some reason he does a lot better with my mom feeding him, but he still seems like he doesn't like it. So what's the trick? He just keeps pushing it out with his tongue. I've tried leaving the spoon in his mouth so he'll kind of suck it off. Not working, as soon as I take it out of his mouth he spits it out. So HELP! PLEASE!

Hope all is well with you all, God Bless!
Trey, Ali, & Cannon

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catching up...

Cannon's 1st time in his jumper, he seemed to like it.

1st time meeting Trey's cousin Vasha and her husband Matt

They brought C a Mickey Mouse cute!

Quick family pic

Memaw & Cannon

You would think this face says feed me...however he
isn't a big fan of anything besides his milkies


The after bath

Cannon's 1st swim in a pool...
At Uncle Don & Aunt Teri's

He likes swimmin'

Happy 1st 4th of July

We had multiple appointments today in FW. We started with C's first urodynamics study. This is a urinary test that tells whats going on with his bladder, and voiding. It went pretty well, he actually tolerated it well. I was worried, thanks so much for the uplifted prayers, he did GREAT! From there we went for a renal ultrasound and then to see Dr. Pinto, the urologist. So basically we had a full day of bladder check up. It shows that everything is doing good. Cannon's bladder and kidneys look good. As we already know he has weak muscles, causing leaking of urine. His bladder doesn't get the trigger feeling that says it's full and tells his brain to pee. So after a certain point of pressure it starts leaking out. This is pretty much stuff we already knew. But we found out that the organs themselves are doing good. So we will continue to cath him 3x a day. And we don't have to go back to see him until next July, YEA!
These are some pictures between appointments.

This is my all done face! YEA!

So sweet in his own bed, he's such a good sleeper.

Tomorrow we are going for his follow up hearing test. And I go to the rheumatologist, hopefully I will get some answers to the questionable diagnosis of APA, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. We have been waiting to find out since early in my pregnancy. Cannon goes to the neurologist (in FW) on the 23rd, this is just a baseline appointment, so it shouldn't be too bad. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we get through this month of Dr.'s a busy one.
Love you all!
Oh yeah, and Cannon got his braces a few weeks ago, they are so little and cute. And of course the are camo! He wears them several hours while awake during the day. And they are already starting to straighten his feet. And he doesn't mind them at all. He's doing really well.