Monday, January 5, 2009

Probable Surgery Tomorrow

Tonight when Trey and I were visiting Cannon the nurse let us take him out of his bed and take him into the room that is used for moms to pump. She said we could have some personal alone time with him while he nursed. It was really nice and we enjoyed it. However Cannon has started doing this wheezing thing, we have mostly noticed it after and while he is nursing. We had asked several nurses about it, but most didn't think anything of it. They thought it was just him getting himself worked up. Tonight Trey asked again because it seemed worse. Well the nurse went and ask the NICU doctor to come over and see him. She too at first thought wasn't worried about it but wanted to put a pulse ox on him to monitor his oxygen level, she wanted to make sure that his level wasn't dropping when this occurred. It didn't, his oxygen has been fine. The doctor left then after a few minutes came back. She asked if Cannon had myelomenengocele, which is the specific type of spina bifida that Cannon has. It turns out the wheezing, called stridor, is a sign that the fluid in his head has increased. So she paged the neurosurgeon, and he wanted to hold his feedings after 2 am. And they would come by in the morning, Cannon will most likely have a shunt placed tomorrow. We don't a time or a definite decision, but it is pretty probable. Please continue to pray for our little boy and that everything will go smoothly tomorrow. We appreciate everything everyone has done. You have been amazing!!! We are so fortunate to have the friends and family that we have, and all the brothers and sisters in Christ. God Bless You All!
Trey & Ali


Jodi said...

Well, I hope that you aren't too disappointed if Cannon has to have the shunt. Brooklyn says to tell him that shunts are cool. :) You are totally right... if it is what is best for him, then that is what we want!! I'll keep praying. B had that wheezing thing when her fluid got bad. So much so that her lips would turn blue and her ox would drop BAD. So, we knew she needed it for sure and were glad to get it done! I hope he doesn't have any of those scares, but that he gets exactly what he needs when he needs it. I'll check back in first thing tomorrow. Until then, rest, and know that you are all prayed over!

Andrea said...

We are still praying for Cannon and I hope y'all get to come home soon.

Terra said...

It is soo sweet to see you holding your baby boy! He IS precious!! I wish and hope nothing but the best for you and Cannon! He has great parents and family! Much love!

Jodi said...

Just checking in... still praying. :)