Sunday, May 31, 2009


Look for all the pictures from March, April, & May,
Everything is going great with Cannon. We went on Friday and got Cannon fitted for his braces. They will be in in about 2-3 weeks. That's about all thats going on. Glad to finally have gotten some pics online. Hope everyone is doing great.

May Pics

Eating cotton candy @ Uncle B and Aunt Vesti's

1st time eating cereal ~ not quite sure
Cousin Sarah's ACU Graduation

More Easter Pics

Karen, Kelli, Aunt Teri, Granmomma, Cannon, & Mommy

Kelli & Cannon

Kyler, Kaden, & Kassi

McKinlee & Maddie
My brother, his girlfriend & her daughter.
Drew, Jodie, & Sarah


At Grandaddy & Granmomma's

Grandaddy, Cannon & Chika

Laughing @ Granmomma
Easter Bunny @ Deerbrook Mall

Being froggie!

We went to Houston this weekend to see Catalina, Maria, & Manuel.
Catalina is my sister Amanda's heart recipient. It was a very
special weekend for us. This was the first time we met Maria & Manuel,
and their first meeting of Cannon of course. They live in Columbia,
South America. Therefore we don't get to see them often enough.

Happy Birthday Trey!! 26!!

4 Generations ~ Mommy, Grandma Crowe, Cannon, & Grandaddy

Happy 1st Easter sweet boy!

5 Generations ~ Mommy, Grandpa Howard, Granmomma, Grandmother, & Cannon
Grandmother & Cannon

Cannon's 1st Easter egg

Hanging out at home

Daddy & Cannon at the boys cook-out
Daddy & Jody
Cannon's 1st 4 wheeler ride
Going night night with my lovey bear


Gma & Gpa

Cousins ~ Keanna & Cannon

He filled into this suit a little more.

All Clean!!!

Aunt Laura & Cannon

My lovey bear

So cute ~ Visiting CSK

Uncle Boo

Grandma Crowe

Precious boy, growing so fast!

Aunt Barbara made Cannon this quilt

Wiped out!!