Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Braces!

At the beginning of September Cannon got new KAFO braces. When his knees are locked out, his weight on the braces keep them from bending at the knees so easily. Once he learns how to work them, it will be easier to walk. We still have a long long way to go, but he is working hard. Here is is showing off his new skills.

 I just had to throw this one in too! He likes to eat toaster struedels in the morning. You have to click on it and look at that sweet, messy face just a bit larger.
 Getting ready to excersise!

 He uses the bar to pull up, but then gets a little lazy and just leans or hangs on it. LOL!
We are still hoping to be walking soon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just a few pics!

Grandaddy got him a new hat and Cars phone at Walmart! He couldn't be any happier!

And here's my future farmer!

Just hangin' with Granmomma

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Before and After...eye surgery...and first day of school!

So this is Thanksgiving last year. Sorry I can't get the picture turned the right way. But notice Cannon's eyes, the right one is turned in. When he was about 7 months old we went to see the neurologist, this is typical for SB kids. It's just to monitor him. He got a great report, but Dr. McGlothlin thought that he may have the beginnings of a lazy eye. But we just watched it...
 Here he is in July this year. After almost a year of patching the right eye, and wearing glasses. Dr. Packwood felt it was inevitable that C would need surgery.

So here is August 10, 2010
At Cook Children's Hospital for a double strabismus repair. A day surgery luckily...we did not want to spend another night in the hospital for as long as possible!

 Cannon and Daddy...waiting...
 Playing with all the cool toys while we waited...Dr. P was at least and hour behind.
 This is what we found when Trey and I came back to the recovery area. The nurse said he was very upset at first when trying to wake up. He kept "picking" at his shoulder. We were able to explain that, at this time, his security when he was tired was to pull at the shoulder or neck of the shirt he had on, and hold it up to his lip/nose. Once he was able to get to it, and bury his head in his pillow he went to sleep.
 He did really well on the trip home, his cool shades helped his eyes I am sure.

 This is later they same day. You can see that his eyes were blood shot, and kind of all over the place. The surgery loosened up the muscles of the inner eyes, so they were a little shocked, and not sure where to go!
 But he was still his happy self.

 And the day after surgery! Fixed!

The first day of school at Rainbow Bible School

 Miss Nicci and Mrs. Tara
 Granmomma got to be there that morning, but had to head back to New Caney so that she could start back to school. When I picked him up he wanted to call Granmomma and tell her all about his first day.

I am not quite sure where he learned this pose, but isn't it the cutest!

He is doing so good at school, loves it! Loves the kids, and his teachers! He loves for his therapists to visit him at school too! His teachers have been saying that he is very lovable towards all the kids in his class. And we even heard that he kissed a little girl last week on the playground. Boy am I in trouble! He's already a ladies man!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cannon's 1st Trip to the Beach!

At the end of the summer we went to New Caney for the weekend. We took Keanna with us and let her spend some time with Sarah. (remember how well they hit it off at Garner). We decided to spend Saturday at the beach with my cousins.

Cannon and Uncle Drew

Hunter, Kyler, Kaden, & Devin

Keanna & Sarah

Granmomma, Cannon, & McKinlee

Playing in the sand

Beach Beautie!

Kyler & Hunter

Kyler & Cannon


Granmomma & Cannon

Kelli, McKinlee, Cannon, and Ali

Kyler, Sarah, & Devin

He had a great time with family, but we missed Daddy being there. He was also sad to miss Cannon's first time to the beach Hopefully we'll be able to go back next summer and he can join us.

Stay tuned for eye surgery pictures....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida

Okay, So here it is...FINALLY!!!!
July 24th was the 1st ever SBA of North Texas Walk-N-Roll. And we had a great time. I was so excited, and proud to see the love and support we got from all of our friends and loved ones. Our team raised $4100 for Spina Bifida Association of North Texas (SBANT). The Lord has truly blessed us with an awesome support system, and we are sooooo thankful!
Of course the day started a little hectic, we ran late, Uncle Andrew got a ticket, we even missed the start of the walk. But we got there, and completed the walk. We actually had 26 (counting Cannon and Davis) who came out to walk in support of our boys. Plus at least 6 honorary walkers that planned to walk but were not able to make it walk day. With over a 100 donors! WOW!
I still can't believe it!

Our Little Warriors

Team Pic

Some our special friends were not able to join us for the walk, so Cannon carried them with him. Brooklyn is just a few weeks older than Cannon and Drew is 7.
Yea Brooklyn!

Yea Drew!

The walk was held at Burger's Lake in Ft. Worth, so we got to swim afterwards.
It was lots of fun, a really cool place. Look it up and go next summer!

Our new friend Melanie

Back and B and V's after the walk. Cannon adores Davis!