Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting through on a prayer

Only through all the prayers have I made it through today.
We got to the hospital about 8 am this morning, but couldn't go back to see Cannon until 8:30. That was one of the hardest things for me to do. As of 5:30 when I called the nurse (I was awake for a pumping session) Cannon was very mad because he realized that he did not get fed at 5:00. So by 8:30 he had missed to feedings and he was crying pretty much constantly. His paci was of course not satisfying him. It broke my heart not being able to do ANYTHING to console him. We swaddled him up and I got to hold him, it kind of worked, but it was till fussy. Then the nurse practitioner called and said they were trying to get him on the schedule for his shunt, so still no surgery time given. Then about 9:30 or so Dr. Roberts (neuro) came in and yes we are getting shunt, and explained the procedure and risks to us. He said they had told him 10:00. Good timing for his pre-op antibiotics he was supposed to get 2 hours prior to surgery. So the nurse started running around trying to get things done, luckily 2 other nurses stepped in to help. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to us, and it was decided that he would come back from surgery still on the ventilator until he woke up on his own. Well it was about 10:00 on the dot when we wheeled him over to the OR. They said the actual surgery would take about and hour, but they had him prep and then back into the NICU I think at about noon. And they didn't start the surgery until at least 11:00. He did very well, and his bo-bos look very good!
When we left the NICU at about 9:30 tonight, which was very hard to do, he was still on the vent. He was not happy at all! He has 2 IV's in, one in each hand. They have turned the rate down on that and have resumed his feedings, however it's probably a third of what he was getting before. He's definitely not full, but they have to work him back up to the full amount. He is mad because he's got a tube in his throat. You can tell he doesn't like it, he will get upset every few minutes. His little cry is so sad because it's silent. This became by far the hardest thing for me to do since he was born. He's a tough little guy and you can tell he is ready to be doing this breathing thing without help. It must be hard for him since he was never on oxygen or needed any help from the second he was born. We are praying for a smooth night, they don't want to pull the tube until the morning since staffing is lower during the night. If they needed to reintubate him they want to have the right people already there close. So a smooth and short night. Peace for Mommy and Daddy, and definitely some much needed rest. We are beginning slip beyond exhausted. So I will wrap up for tonight. I apologize for rambling or repetition, or just not making sense. I hope it's not too bad! :)
Good night, and God bless. And like always thank you sooooo much for all your prayers.
Trey and Ali


Jodi said...

Oh Ali... bless you. The hardest thing in the world is to know your child is in need and not be able to supply that need. So hang in there, and know that he is in Great Hands.

Many many prayers...

Angela said...

Hi Ali! I have been following your blog and wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and Cannon!

Nicole said...

Bless his little heart and yours too! Were praying for you all the time. Big hugs.