Saturday, January 3, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Cameras and computers are proving not to be my strong points. I am very fortunate to have internet access here at RMH (Ronald McDonald House), however I can not get the computer and camera to communicate. Therefore I can't get new pictures up tonight. So let me try to give a brief update on Cannon.

Dr. Roberts (Neurosurgeon) came by this morning, and of course we missed him. However Cannon's doctor in the NICU called us and gave us an update. (She's been great about doing that)
Dr. Roberts was pleased with the way Cannon's incision looks. They will continue to watch it as it heals. Also his head circumference was about the same today. And they are going to do an ultrasound of his head sometime tomorrow to assess his ventricles (see if there is fluid on his brain). We are praying for no fluid, if this looks good we will continue to hold on placing a shunt. As far as potty duty Cannon is doing well. They are continuing to in and out cath him. This is to assess whether or not he is emptying his bladder when he wets his diaper. He has had a little bit of urine when they do this. However if you put a catheter in our bladder there would most likely be some residual urine there. This is just something that needs to be watched. Bowel and bladder issues will be more evident as Cannon gets older and we begin to potty train, so it's not something to dwell on.
On a lighter note...I love being able to hold my sweet boy!!! It's the greatest feeling I have ever experienced!! He had gotten a little fussy today and I got to do the mommy thing and hold and console him. It was so wonderful. I am truly blessed. Then tonight the nurse asked Trey if he wanted to hold him, and he too got to experience what a great feeling it is. It is such a joy to have this little miracle the Lord has given us. He is so precious, and peaceful. Just to watch him relax in your arms, it's indescribable. I have such cute pictures and I can't wait to share them! I'll get them up as soon as I can. But I must go to bed now, so I can wake up and see my sweet baby.
Thanks always for your prayers,
Trey and Ali

P.S. The burnt orange is for all of you who have been giving us a hard time about how cute Cannon looks in his Horn attire. He very proudly wears his beanie and booties. And Mommy and Daddy are very proud to take lots of pictures!!!! Which will be included in future posts. The color looks GOOD on him!! :)

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Jodi said...

First of all, HOOK 'EM! :) We are huge burnt orange fans in our house too! :)

YAY for great reports from the NS! I'll keep praying for low residuals in caths, great feedings, and head ultrasound results.

And yes, RMH is fabulous. A total blessing. Glad you guys are so well taken care of! I'll be in touch! (I check back here multiple times a day!)