Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter Weekend

Okay, so for Easter we went home to my mom and dads. We always enjoy our trips home to New Caney. We started by going to visit Great Grandma Crowe.

We worked so hard to get a 4 generations picture, and the one I liked the best out of all of them was the first one we took. Ha Ha!

Here is Cannon getting his quilt that G.Grandma made him. He really liked it. It is made of double knit, mostly pieces of Grandma's clothes. It's very special. Each of the grandkids, and now great grandkids have one.

Playing ball with Kyler and Aunt Teri

Then he crashed, so sleepy!

Easter morning at Grandaddy and Granmomma's, before church Cannon got to check out his Easter basket full of goodies. He had two and they were both soooo full. He's not spoiled though, ;)

Showing his egg to Grandaddy.

After church we went to Uncle Gary and Aunt Carolyn's for the McCorquodale Easter gathering. We always have fun when we all get together. Here are the "big kids" getting ready for their egg hunt.

Cannon found one too!

Then it was Jax and Cannon's turn. They had their own egg hunt.

With help from Granmomma and Daddy, Cannon really had a good time.

Checking out what he got!

After all the fun we had to head back home. Cannon played ball almost the whole way back, until he fell asleep.
I am slowly catching up, but I am almost current with my pictures. I know that is what everyone enjoys the most. Maybe I can post more tomorrow. We have a busy weekend ahead. Cannon and I are doing a 5K walk at ACU benefiting Jenny Bizaillion's family. I am sure many of you know Jenny's story, but for those who don' short...Jenny was an amazing Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and on and on. She recently went to be with Jesus after battle an infection for a couple of weeks. I never had the pleasure of personally meeting Jenny, but I knew her brother. You can read more on Jenny here:
If it asks you can use the username with the password: friends
So like I said we're doing the walk in the morning. Then Trey is playing in an iron man softball tournament all day tomorrow. Sunday is Cannon's NICU reunion at Cook Children's in Ft. Worth. BUSY BUSY BUSY!
Love you all!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Cannon is growing and changing so much as you can see. He has started to pull himself across the floor with his arms. I can't say "army crawl" because he still hasn't figured out how to use his legs to help him along. But he can get pretty far with just his arms. I am soooo proud of him. If he is on anything other than carpet he will also push himself backwards. He has also gotten pretty good at transitioning from sitting to his tummy where he can go. He has shown that he can finally roll over to his back, but that's still something he needs some practice with. However it won't be long before he is all over the place.

Cannon & Wyatt

Who needs a plate? Eating his pizza off the floor. I think pizza is his favorite food right now.

Fun in the tub!

Can you hear the "aaaahhhhh"? That's exactly what he was saying to me.

He was washing his face.

Eating cheese from Mandy's salad. Like me beard?

Samantha playing in her jumperoo.

Playing with Gpa!

I love to play ball!

Playing with Granmomma

Some of my new therapy is to strengthen my core. So I sit on the bucket, this way I can't hold myself up with my hands.

So cute!

One of Mommy's patients gave me some bubbles. They are lots of fun to play with.

Playing with sidewalk chalk at the ECI Easter party.