Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prayers Answered

I just wanted to quickly post that Cannon is out of surgery, in recovery, and doing well. The lesion is closed. They did not do the shunt...the doctor said they wanted to "give him a chance to be in the 15% that doesn't need one." We appreciate continued prayers, and I'm certain Allison will want to do a better post later!



Jodi said...

I know you're so happy to have this behind you! So glad he's doing well, and I'll keep checking back and praying!!!

Randy said...

Praise God! We are thinking of you and know miracles happen.
Randy and Debra

Terra said...

Congratulations Trey and Allison! I'm soo happy for your baby boy! He is very handsome! Cannon will be a strong boy and he is very special!! Congratulations!

Bell Family said...

He looks so good!! His little feet remind me of Drew's! Hope all is well and that you are one day closer to being home with your boy!! We have had strep throat, so I am not coming up to the hospital until everyone is better... but I can't wait to see you guys! Go Cannon!! Go God!! Love, kim