Saturday, December 6, 2008


These are just a few of the pictures from the shower Oct. 26th @ Meredith Crowe's. Mom teaches with her at CSK. Thank you to everyone who has helped us prepare for Cannon's arrival.


These are from the family shower that we had, Nov. 5th.

Aunt Carolyn made this blanket for Cannon.

McKinlee and Maddie picked out these bears
from their room to give to Cannon. How sweet!

Gifts from Kassi

Aunt Brandy and Aunt Carolyn tied at guessing how many toilet paper squares it would take to go around my belly...11 squares!

How cute will he be in his lil jean? The cutest for sure!

This is the outfit we are planning on bringing
Cannon home from the hospital in.
Aunt Teri made this one for Cannon!

More to come when I get pictures from the shower we had here in Abilene. My camera battery was not charged so I didn't take any pictures :(

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