Saturday, December 27, 2008

Patiently Waiting

Well we went in yesterday for the amnio at Dr. Tabor's office. It went better than expected I guess. It was pretty quick, he came in and put the ultrasound wand on my belly to see where Cannon was. He stuck the needle in once then pulled it out because it was too close to Cannon, then restuck and we could see the needle on the ultrasound. He drew out the fluid, pulled out the needle and was done. It was frustrating because we didn't feel like we got many answers to the questions we asked. Like what's the plan if his lungs aren't ready. He actually said that we could go back to Abilene yesterday. Then they put me on a monitor and watched Cannon's heart rate and me for contractions. After about an hour or so they said everything was okay and we could go. Dr. Tabor said that if they did what he told them to the lab would call him with results today and he would call and let us know. He then told me if I started having contractions or my water broke, etc. to come straight to the hospital. Now how can he say I can go back to Abilene but if I start having all these symptoms to come back to the hospital???? We are staying at Trey's cousin's in Weatherford until we hear or until we go for the C-section.

Well it's 6pm and we never heard from the Dr. So I am assuming that the lab didn't call him. He said no later than Monday we would hear from him. I'm thinking if I haven't heard anything by 10am Monday, that I will call the office. I have been having mild contractions and I've been trying to rest a lot. I did get out for a little while today, but I couldn't handle it for too long. Now we are just hanging out. I figure I need to get all the rest I can get this weekend.

So for right now we are just waiting to hear if Cannon's lungs are matured so that he can handle breathing on his own, outside the womb. And basically if he's not ready we don't know what Dr. Tabor is going to do. That's what we couldn't get an answer on. That has been the hardest part of waiting. We came on Friday packed and prepared to stay until we get to bring Cannon home. And the not knowing part is what is hard.
Please continue to pray, our focus is for strong, mature lungs for our baby boy. I will do my best to keep updating as soon as I get more information. The next time will most likely be Monday.
God bless you all, and thank you for all your prayers!

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kkm said...

You, Cannon and Trey are enveloped in prayer by so many who love you. Know that you are being held in the arms of The Great Physician.
Love you!