Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Garner State Park ~ June 2010

In June we went on our annual trip to Garner State Park. Of course we had tons of fun, but missed having Daddy with us, he had to stay home and work. So we took cousin, Keanna along for the week. We met Grandaddy, Granmomma, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Jodie, and Sarah there.
As we began to set up camp Cannon played in the pack-n-play.
While Keanna and Sarah chatted away from the get go.

You would never have guessed these two were just meeting for the first time.
Painting Rocks

Trying on Granmomma's visor.

Some of you may have already seen these, but this is how Cannon got to take a bath while we were camping. When we got home he wanted to swim in it.

Getting all lotioned up!

Ready for the river!

Playing ball in the Frio River

The minnow Keanna caught.

Checking out Keanna's "fish"

It didn't take long to wipe him out.

Letting the pups play too!

Splish splash I was takin' a bath!

Grandaddy and his pups!

Lovin' Grandaddy. I love this one!!

He wanted to wear Grandaddy's glasses, silly boy!

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.

Watching the storm roll in...

Lovin Uncle Drew

And Granmomma

Keanna and Sarah

My almost sister in law!

Cannon LOVES Hank!

Annual back flip pic of Drew

So tired!

The girls before the dance.

How cute are they? I love the wife my brother is getting...
Jodi fits right in! Love her and Sarah Anne!!!

The first boy KDJ danced with :)

Granmomma and Grandaddy with their 2 grandkids.

Driving home, taking turns with KDJ and Mommy's sunglasses.

Like always we had a blast at Garner! Cannon had a little more fun this year, and I know he'll grow to love this trip as much as the rest of us. Until next year...
Garner State Park I love you....

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