Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Summer pictures...

Cannon gets really excited when he gets to see cousin Davis. He absolutely loves to hold him.

Loving on Baby D

This is from the high school rodeo finals, the kids enjoyed it.

Cooling off on a hot summer day!

Cannon loves hats, and wanted to wear Daddy's

One weekend Mandy and I took the kids to the Eastland community pool.
I was just perfect for the kids. You can see they had a great time.

This one is from our friend Haelyn's 1st Birthday party.
He wasn't too happy having this swim cap on his head.

This is Shorty, Cannon's new horse. A friend of Leona's (my mother in law) is in the rodeo circuit, she and her daughter are barrel racers. She knew of someone who had an older horse that had been injured. Her son had been riding him, but is now ready for a horse that can run and be more active. Good for us!  She was planning to give him to a hippotherapy program and Kandy told her about Cannon. She GAVE him to Cannon. This was the first time he got on him, and of course we didn't put him up there alone, so Jody got to get up there.

He doesn't like the mane...

And wasn't thrilled to be up there alone.

These were from the weekend of our Spina Bifida walk, we stayed at Brandon and Vesti's.
Of course Cannon had to hold Davis.

This is the World's Largest Rocking Chair, it is just outside of Weatherford. 

Back to Davis, He was just a big help feeding Baby D.

He really loves him!

The night before the walk, we stayed in a hotel with Granmomma and Grandaddy, Uncle Drew, Aunt Jodie, and Sarah, and Mandy, Keanna, and Samantha.
The babies enjoyed bathtime together.

The next post will be dedicated the just the walk. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

This article that Ali wrote is very moving. My heart goes out to this young family. I consider little Cannon's grandmamma and granddaddy our friends. Also I've know Trey since he was a little boy and he played with our grandson Justin Seider.
Ali I loved the way you described everything that happened. Little Cannon is really a miracle baby.
I too have a great-nephew that was borned with spina bifida and he is now 27 years old and doing fine.
I wish you all the most happiness you deserve.
God is good!
Blessings, Marilyn Seider