Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Children's Museum and Granmomma & Grandaddy's

Back in June we went to New Caney for the weekend and took a trip to the Children's Museum.
Cousins, Karen, Kyler, Kaden, and Kassi met us there. We had so much fun!
Cannon enjoyed "driving" everything.
Here we are inside the HUGE tire. Notice the sign in the middle. Oops!
And Cannon's obsession with balls...this was a big fruit basket...and an orange..."Ball!!"
He got very upset with me for not letting him have this "ball!"
Of course he loved Granmomma pushing him on the scooter!
And more balls!
He won't even put it down to slide.
Kyler and Cannon
Kassi and Kaden
So tired...
I think this was the next day. Cannon loves "baaa"s!
Swinging with Granmomma, not sure what they were looking at.

I love this one! Poor thing was sooooo tired!

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The Watsons said...

WHAT A DOLL! I love it...he is just as cute and can be! Such a sweet boy. Keep the pictures coming...I enjoy seeing him grow since I can't see yall all the time. Love ya girl!