Thursday, November 5, 2009

why the missing posts???

Well, I am sure you are all wondering and becoming frustrated that I haven't posted in a while. I sincerely apologize. I have a post sitting in my account that is just waiting to be finished and posted. However, I can't get all of the pictures to upload and that's why it's just sitting there. So, I will go ahead and post it. Then try and post the missing pics later. I have them in chronological order, but the 9 month pictures aren't all there. Only the few in his camo overalls or from the photo shoot. We finish up with the pumpkin patch. I have Halloween pictures to post too! I'll do my best to get them up as soon as possible. I know that is what everyone wants to see anyway.

Cannon is now 10 months old, and he's growing so much. He definitely has not missed a meal, weighing in at around 21 pounds. Tomorrow we go see the eye doctor for his right eye. You may have noticed in some pictures that it seems to be "lazy" or "cross-eyed", we'll find out tomorrow what's going on. On his 9 month birthday Cannon rolled over from his belly to his back. He has it down but chooses to only do it when he has lots of encouragement, and a really good reason to look over his shoulder until he rolls. Cannon can sit up for a few minutes if he isn't too tired, but still wants to be carried around instead of entertaining himself in the floor. He has such a personality, his facial expressions are priceless. He can light you up with his beautiful smile or make you laugh with his disapproving frowns. He has the sweetest little laugh, and still has a soft cry even when he's very angry. In the last week he has decided to start waking up in the wee hours of the morning and won't go back to sleep unless you put him in bed with us, right in my face on my pillow. It's sweet, however frustrating, especially when I have to be up 2 hours later for work.

Overall Cannon is doing really well. I can't believe his is almost a year old. And tonight as a was catching up on the blogs I follow my heart broke for a mom I do not personally know, but have learned to love her family through her blog. Her year old son Stellan was born with a heart condition and has been having complications. They are in Boston tonight, he'll be admitted to hospital tomorrow. As I read tonight I was reminded of the night we first walked into the Ronald McDonald house after I was discharged from the hospital. Although I had Trey right beside me, it was so lonely knowing Cannon was not with us. We have come so far in such a short time. It feels like just yesterday. What a blessing he is. Thank you all for all your love and support, for getting us through the last year or so. As you read, please pray Stellan and his family. May the find peace in the Lord.

Now scroll down for what pictures I have.

Love to you all!

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