Saturday, November 21, 2009


We went to see the eye doctor in Ft. Worth yesterday. He checked Cannon's eyes, and then dilated them and checked them some more. Dr. Packwood decided that he wanted to try patching first. He needs to wear a patch on his left eye (the good one) for an hour and a half a day. This morning was our first attempt. The doctor said if we needed to start out with a shorter time that was okay. We could also break it up however we need to, just get in the full 90 minutes a day. And typically kids try and try to get the patch off. Well we put it on this morning, I only had to tell him "no no" a few times in the beginning and then he didn't bother it again. HE WORE IT FOR A FULL 90 MINUTES!!!! He was such a big boy! Then he cried when I took it off. I have a few cute pictures, but I am way too tired to post them right now. I will put them up later. I just wanted to let you all know what the doctor said. Now we just pray that patching works and Cannon will not need surgery. He did also say that Cannon will most likely need glasses before he starts school, which we assumed...he doesn't exactly have the best genes when it comes to eyes.
Well, look for pics later! Love you!

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