Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching up again!

So I am hoping to start doing better about updates. Here are the long awaited Ruidoso pictures from February. It was Cannon's first trip so we were really excited!

Trey and I went tubing, it was lots of fun...but major work out!

Grammie, Pawpaw and Cannon watched from the bleachers.

Time for dinner, we worked up an appetite.

Back at the cabin.

Cannon has loved sour things for a while but this was a first for feeding himself the pickle. He also chose to eat diced tomatoes...he didn't get that from me.

Playing in the snow outside the cabin!

I know...he's the cutest EVER!

There are so many cute pictures, I couldn't choose.

Sledding with Daddy

This one is priceless! I LOVE IT!!!

On Sunday we headed up to Ski Apache for a photo op...but we didn't make it up the mountain before we had jeep problems. It bought us another night there so we could have it looked at before we headed on the 6 hour drive. Ended up that they said there was nothing wrong...cost me a day of work, but who doesn't enjoy an extra day off?

Daddy checking things out...

Grammie calling the insurance and rental car places.

Bored and getting into everything.

So we found a corner of the gas station that had a pretty view behind it.

Back at the cabin, in the snow.

This is right before we left. C definitely looks better in orange. I'll post later with proof.

Since it was dark when we drove into NM we decided to stop on the way home and take a picture. This was the 2nd time Cannon has been out of TX.

This is from a trip home to New Caney. Right before C got his first hair cut!

He did really good until the end, he let us know when he was done.

Lisa and Cannon. She has been cutting Grandaddy and Uncle Andrew's hair for a long time, so it was specail to have her do C's 1st one.

Then we went over to Great Grandma's house to visit. Cannon has figured out how to get the music on my phone and he dances and sings to it. I tried to put a video here, but it woudn't ever load.

And we had a family fish fry for Jax's 1st birthday. Here are Karen and Kelli's youngest, Maddie and Kassi.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

And Daddy! My cousin Gee shares his birthday with his son Jackson.

Karen's 2 boys, Kaden & Kyler

Just one night at home.

Here is one night at Jody and Mandy's. It was getting late and Mandy gave me some of Keanna's pjs from when she was a baby to put on Cannon so he could be more comfortable. Then they were playing with Samantha's toy. He loves to sing.

Keanna turned 11, and had a swim party at the Y! Cannon got to swim last summer, but it was fun to watch him this time because he was bigger and it made me want to get him into aqua therapy. I think he would do great at it.

Cannon really enjoyed to water.

Samantha's first swim!

Cannon has gotten pretty good at eating cake now.

After all the fun, Samantha and Cannon had their first bath together. I am sure there will be plenty more of these to come.

Lots more left to post. Hang in there, Cannon has already changed so much since these pictures.

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Jodi said...

LOVE the update! He is so cute, I want to jump through my computer screen and squeeze him!!! Especially love the snow pics!!