Saturday, September 26, 2009


Talking to Mommy!

All smiles!
Hanging out at Keanna's football game.

Playing with Gpa

Cannon's first Aaron Watson concert, he seemed to like it.

It was also Keanna's first time to see Aaron, she was sooo excited!!

Even though it was late (1130) he did really good.

Cannon showed what a ham he is, always smiling.

Playing at home on Mommy's day off.

Just spittin'

Jennifer and Paisley came to visit

You would never know they are exactly 3 months apart!

Cannon's expressions are priceless. Paisley would roll over and almost be on top
of him, he didn't know what to think.

We went out to eat with Jennifer's family, the kids were entertaining, until we got back in the car. All tuckered out! They were both zonked out when we got home.

See my wet face? I love to spit all over myself.

Reading with Granmomma


Jo Whitehurst said...

What a cutie! Love the new pics!

The Watson's said...

He is so precious. So glad I got to see yall the other night for a quick minute. Cannon is a doll. Love all the new pics. And hope your dad liked the ones of he and AW. ;) Love ya girly. Yall take care and come see us when you can.