Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Growing like a weed!!

24 weeks or 6 months...not much longer to go.

I have to start by saying I completely misunderstood Dr. Mayberry at my last appointment. Cannon was not 1 lb and 14 oz, he was 1 lb OR 14 oz. That's a big difference. He was however 10-11 inches long.
So I went to see Dr. Holt last week, and Dr. Mayberry today. I just love getting a peek inside to see him every time. Here is the first glance of today.

What a cute little face!!!
He's growing so much. He now weighs about 1 lb and 12 oz, so now he's almost 2 lbs. And he's 12-13 inches. Dr. Mayberry says he has long arms and legs.
And his feet still look good :
Then he decided to pose for us. I don't know if he's thinking or what but it sure is precious.


amy <>< said...

LOVE those sweet sono pics!!! Praying for you guys!

Matt and Vasha said...

Thanks for posting the pics. It's so fun to see him.

Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

He is cute as a bug already! Can't wait to see him! Hope you are doing well. Sure do think of you. Love you!