Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A door closed

I called the center for the study surgery on Monday and found out that we were excluded from the study. Because it is unsure if I really have antiphospholipid antibody syndrome the doctors do not feel it would be safe for me to be involved with the surgery. My initial reaction was to be upset because I really felt like this was what we were supposed to do. After thinking about it more, and talking to a few people I realized it wasn't something to be upset about. We put this decision in God's hands and only He knows what is best for us. So we will continue care here in Abilene with Dr. Holt and Dr. Mayberry. We have appointments with both of them Sept. 10th. I am looking forward to getting to see Cannon again on the ultrasound. Then we meet with Dr. Honeycutt, the pediatric neurosurgeon on the 11th at Cooks in Ft. Worth.
As I was so excited about going and having the surgery for Cannon I didn't realize how much I would miss out on by being gone. And now I am getting more excited about things I have to look forward to until he gets here.
Trey and I are trying to get things together to get a house. I can't wait to put it together and especially do Cannon's nursery. However we haven't decided exactly how we are going to decorate it. But that's all fun stuff to figure out. I am looking forward to getting to pick out all kinds of things for him.

So our specific prayer for now is that God will heal Cannon and he'll be born without any complications. And that the possibility of me having antiphospholipid will be erased.

Until next time!
Trey, Ali, & Cannon

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Alisa said...

Guess I should check MySpace more often, I just saw the news and found your blog. We'll be keeping you all in our prayers!