Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7 MoNtHs

This year is more than half way over, and so is my baby boy's first year! I can't believe it. When I stop and think about it, it is bittersweet. I am so happy to have him here with us and doing so well. He's growing so fast. I have also thought about all the prayers that have been lifted up on our behalf. Just when I think we are doing great, and don't need prayers I am reminded that we will always need prayers. Because we always need the Lords help, constantly. And I am also reminded that we can always use prayers that Cannon's shunt continues to work properly. We are thankful every day that we get through without complications. He is truly a blessing, and I can never show my gratitude for having him in my life.
Okay, now that I'm done with the mooshy stuff, here's what you really want....pictures. These are the 7 months I took the other day. As soon as we put him down, he got mad! But then he was okay.

With Granmomma & Aunt Teri
Wiped out!
Eating soooo good!


Jo Whitehurst said...

AWWWW!! What a sweetie!

Hmmmm! That last photo with the black background looks like he is saying, "Look Out World, here I come!" He seems to be doing very well. So happy for you!

Kim W. said...

He is SOOOO cute! And he is growing so fast..., and I agree...it is sad they grow so fast, although each stage is so sweet. Jake is almost 3 1/2 and his personality is so fun! And Jack at 21 months is a HOOT! So, it's kinda bittersweet. But keep getting that snuggle time and sweet kisses while he's little. There is NOTHING like that time! So precious. Thinking of yall lots! Love yall!

Leah J. said...

Great pics! I LOVE the last one on the photo shoot. The face Cannon is making is GREAT! SO cute!

It's crazy how quickly they grow up!

Jodi said...

Time FLIES!!! Amazing. He is ADORABLE! Know that you are always getting prayed over in our house. Wish we were closer in geography but thankful for the computer so I can see that little sweetie.

I know, B will be 8 months tomorrow! Can't believe it...