Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garner pics

Last month we went on our annual camping trip to Garner State Park. This was Cannon, Jodie, and Sarah's first time. We were very excited to show them what Garner is all about. We all had a great time, and always look forward to next year. I had a hard time choosing pictures, which is why it has taken me sooo long to post them. This is very few of what I have, but I know it could have gotten boring really quick. Therefore I chose some of my favorites.

Chillin' in the AC while everyone else sets up camp

Lovin' the Frio River

Love my Daddy

On top of Old Baldy

Stayin' cool in my bathtub

Granmomma and Cannon
Cannon and Gradaddy

He crashed when we got home

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